Financial Solutions for Today


      At Apex Wealth Management we specialize in tax efficient distribution planning. Many retirees through the years have had a good accumulation plan in place and now at retirement have no real plan as how to spend what they have saved. In fact, many retirees have no idea what the negative impact could be on their net worth due to a poor spending plan. To build a home you have a plan, to operate your personal devices you have a owners manual but when it comes to retirement many have no spending plan in place.

    One of the most important days of your life is that day you decide to retire, you want to avoid making any mistakes in your decision process. If you paint a room in your home and find you don't like the color you can change it. If you don't like the I Pad you purchased you can buy a different one. If you make a mistake in your retirement decisions in many cases you can't go back and fix it. It is so much easier to avoid a mistake than to fix one after it is made.


  We believe that it is vitally important to have a Tax Efficient Distribution Plan in place that can help you see how you stand as to the above question, do I have enough? secondly this type of analysis will also help you to be Tax Efficient as well. Pay your fair share of taxes but avoid the mistake of paying more than you needed to.   Do you have a spending plan in place?